Additional Services

Mastering & Digital Services

MasteringChase The Ace project manages the mastering for many of the releases we do the artwork for. Collating the audio sources and meta data needed for preparing the PQ Sheets, we then send to our skilled mastering engineer James Bragg. James works his magic, bringing life to mixes and picking out bits that would have been heard in the studio originally but have been lost with years of mastering engineers going for loudness rather than dynamics. His keen ear means that the masters are sympathetic to the genre of music. We are able to work from many sources and include a Tape Baking service for masters that are on 1/4″ tape. We also digitise bands’ music and work with our digital aggregators to distribute to all the main platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc. Our services includes uploading the songs through to the collection and payment of revenue they generate. We also handle Music Publishing so can really be a one stop shop for all your Music Industry requirements.

Marketing & PR

PR and MarketingFrom designing point of sale products to adverts in the national press, we’ve got it covered. We work with our clients to ensure that the areas that we are recommending are a good fit for their business. With the graphic design part of the business handling the posters, flyers, display adverts, merchandise and much more, our marketing team then approach the best outlets for your business to secure maximum exposure. We work closely with a great PR company that then manages our campaigns for us. With campaigns under the belt such as Black Sabbath, The Brit Awards 2010, The Who, Nirvana and many more, we can assure you that your Marketing and PR are in safe hands.

Social Media Management

Socail MediaWe manage the social media accounts and provide copy, content and management of campaigns for many record labels, bands and one of the largest independent music festivals in the world. Get in touch to see how we can make a difference to your social media presence.

Tour & Band Services

Tour ServicesWe’ve been getting bands on the road for years! We’re experienced in booking travel, securing US visas and sorting tax out for bands entering the USA and much more. If your band needs advice on how to contract, book services or advance a show then we’re here to help. Drop us a line for a no obligation chat. Sometimes we find that bands are fine to do the work themselves and just need a gentle nudge in the right direction from someone that has done it before.